About Crystal Beach LIVE

New for 2017….”Bolivar Live” you can see it LIVE on our Facebook page but incase you missed out CrystalBeachLIVE.com is a showcase of LIVE footage from around Bolivar Peninsula of events, businesses, Live Music and more so you can keep up with what’s going on and when. It may be a beachfront sunrise or an awesome bay front sunset, it may be lunchtime at an area restaurant or a midday beach view from above. You never know where the Bolivar LIVE crew may show up but when they do…it will be streaming LIVE on the Bolivar Peninsula Facebook page!!!!

Bolivar Live is not just fast shooting LIVE clips, we’re also showcasing videos showing the beauty of Bolivar Peninsula and Attractions from around Crystal Beach. The Bolivar Lighthouse, Fort Travis, North Jetties, Event Promos so you can make travel plans during the year. We want to show just what our 27 mile stretch of paradise has to offer from Clean Beaches to awesome Beach House Vacation Rentals and even Homes For SALE.

Grab some coffee, a drink, turn down the tv, set back and relax. Watch all the videos and LIVE feeds from Bolivar Peninsula and Crystal Beach, Texas so you can plan your next vacation or weekend get-away. Don’t miss out, we’ll be posting Bolivar LIVE clips and Videos weekly so check back often to see what you missed.

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