Rollover Pass, Saving Wildlife Trapped In The Middle Between Closings.
Posted By David/1/20/2020
Texas Parks and Wildlife were out in full force today netting wildlife trapped between the ends closed to stop water flow between the Gulf and East Galveston Bay or Intracostal. Relocating any and all Crabs, fish and more trapped in the pond area.
It's Bolivar Live & Monday Morning With Sandra Dial Show.
Posted By David/1/20/2020
Every Monday morning we'll be talking Real Estate on Bolivar Peninsula and around Crystal Beach, Texas.
T-Shirt Design And Live Music For Texas Crab Festival 2020 Mothers Day Weekend In Crystal Beach Tx!
Posted By David/1/19/2020
Listen in as David and Tom talk, t-shirt design winners and Live Music set for Mothers Day Weekend at The Texas Crab Festival in Crystal Beach Tx.
Check Out Our NEW Webpage For, Build A Dream Sandcastle Building Contest!
Posted By David/1/17/2020
Ready for Spring Break, Family Fun on the beach? Enter the 1st Annual Build A Dream Sandcastle Building Contest, Adult division 1st place- $500, 2nd- $250 and 3rd- $100 plus a kids division. Only $25 to enter adult division and Kids division is FREE! All the fun takes place in Crystal Beach, Texas on Bolivar Peninsula, March 14 2020 on the beachfront!
Starting The Week A Little Soggy In Paradise, Crystal Beach Tx.
Posted By David/1/13/2020
The weeks looking a little soggy on out 27 miles of paradise.
Fire In The Marsh Covers East End Of Bolivar Peninsula With Smoke!
Posted By David/1/11/2020
As I'm heading back from Winnie, Texas it looks like Bolivar Peninsula is going up in smoke but by making a call I find out that the fire looks to be on the other side of the Intra Coastal
Over Night Storms Dodge Crystal Beach Texas, Skies Clearing, Sun Out Soon!
Posted By David/1/11/2020
Well, we're happy to say, we dodge the brunt of the storms and the skies are clear for an awesome weekend ahead.
Hold On Tonight, Storm Path Predicted To Cross The Upper Texas Coast on Bolivar Peninsula Tonight!
Posted By David/1/10/2020
Yes, Crystal Beach, Texas looks to be in the path of a front that has already dropped up to 2" of rain, spun tornado watches and warning west and north of Dallas and is heading our way.
Straight Line Winds, Rain Plus To Hit Bolivar Peninsula and Crystal Beach Tx Tonight!
Posted By David/1/10/2020
The weekends looking good but between now and Saturday morning we could see some Straight Line Winds, Rain, Hail, and possible Tornado activity on Bolivar Peninsula.
Port Bolivar, Texas Volunteer Fire Department Membership Drive This Saturday!
Posted By David/1/9/2020
This Saturday, January 11, 2020, from 2pm to 5pm Port Bolivar Volunteer Fire Department will have their Membership Drive
A Morning View Over Galveston Bay From Fort Travis On Bolivar Peninsula!
Posted By David/1/8/2020
Nothing better at sunrise than a walk or drive-thru history to start your day in paradise!
It’s Lunchtime In Crystal Beach Texas With Bolivar LIVE!
Posted By David/1/7/2020
With standard lunch items and daily specials J-Birds is a must try when on Bolivar Peninsula.
Enjoy The View Beachfront This Tuesday Morning on Bolivar Peninsula.
Posted By David/1/7/2020
With 27 miles of beachfront join David and Bolivar LIVE for a front seat view.
Start the 1st Week Of 2020 With A Painted Sky Sunrise In Crystal Beach Texas.
Posted By David/1/6/2020
What better way to start the first full week of 2020 than a Painted Sky Sunrise in, Crystal Beach Texas!
A Drive Thru Fort Travis And Awesome View Heading Out To Sea On Bolivar Peninsula.
Posted By David/1/6/2020
With an elevated view is like no other as ships, shrimp boats and cruise ships enter and leave port. The Sunrise and Sunset is breathtaking and well worth a trip if you're a photographer.
Sunny Sundays In Crystal Beach Texas, Ya Gotta Love Them And Enjoy Them!
Posted By David/1/5/2020
There's nothing better than waking up to a Painted Sky Sunrise, Clean Beach and All You Can Eat Oysters.
Spring Break 2020 New Event, Bolivar Build A Dream Sandcastle Building Contest.
Posted By David/1/5/2020
A new event is coming to Bolivar Peninsula and taking place in Crystal Beach Texas. The 1st Annual Bolivar Build A Dream Sandcastle Building Contest, March 14 2020. 1 st Place WINS $500, 2nd- $250 and 3rd- $100 in the adult division. Kids division wins cash and prizes.
Enjoy A Coastal Stroll Down Hwy 87 From Crystal Beach Tx On This Sunny Saturday Morning!
Posted By David/1/4/2020
Enjoy the view as the Bolivar LIVE Truck heads to High Island Texas to see an Art Project on the High Island Houston Audubon Society Barn now being painted by students.
Sunny Skies, Clean Beach and All You Can Eat Oyster In Crystal Beach Texas!
Posted By David/1/4/2020
It’s Sunny Skies In Crystal Beach Texas, make a road trip today or tomorrow, enjoy the weather, Beachfront and All You Can Eat Oysters.
Enjoy The 1st Weekend Of 2020, Explore Bolivar Peninsula...You'll Love It!
Posted By David/1/3/2020
Vacation may be coming to an end for many. Kids going back to school Monday or Tuesday
Sea Byrd Landing
Stay on the beach next trip
Sea Byrd RV Park is the only beach front RV Park on Bolivar Peninsula. Sea Byrd RV Park is located in the center of Crystal Beach with easy access to Hwy 87.
Crystal Palms RV Park
A premier RV park
Crystal Palms RV Park is a premier RV park for those looking for a central location and plenty of room around your covered port.
Latitude 29.2 Surf Shop
Beachwear and more
Coastal clothing, home decor, beachwear, largest selection of flip-flops on the Texas coast. Surfboards, boogie boards, beach games and more.