Crystal Beach, Texas Virtual Easter Egg Hunt Saturday Morning!
Posted By David/4/6/2020
Easter is this weekend and Team Bolivar, Bolivar Peninsula Tourism and Visitors Center, and their advertisers are making sure, everyone, Kids and Adults can still have their annual Easter Egg Hunt!
Crystal Beach, Texas, Beach View, And The Number 2, Do You Really Know The Meaning.
Posted By David/4/6/2020
The Beachfront Sunrise Service for 2020 will be broadcast for all to enjoy no matter your location. With Bolivar Peninsula showing 2 cases of COVID-19 are they really on Bolivar Peninsula or in Crystal Beach, Texas.
It's Sunny Skies Beachfront, Take A Drive With Bolivar LIVE!
Posted By David/4/5/2020
Enjoy a morning view beachfront from home while you practice Stay At Home with Bolivar Live.
Despite An Open Beach In Crystal Beach, Texas, COVID-19 Is On Our Mind
Posted By David/4/4/2020
With one of the last open beaches in Texas or on the Gulf Coast, there's one thing on everyone's mind, COVID-19.
Friday Morning View Beachfront Plus $50 Gift Card Giveaway in Crystal Beach, Texas.
Posted By David/4/3/2020
Get ready, we have another contest starting Monday here on Bolivar LIVE!
Listen In To Win, $50 Gift Card and Talk On Keeping Our Beach Open To Enjoy!
Posted By David/4/2/2020
We're also talking about what's needed to keep our beach open on Bolivar Peninsula
Beachfront Sunrise Service Cancelled But You Can Still Enjoy It On Bolivar LIVE
Posted By David/4/1/2020
Sunrise Service Easter Morning has gone on for 32 years, as the sun crests, the coastal horizon families have gathered on the beachfront in Crystal Beach, Texas.
It's Bolivar LIVE With A $50 Gift Card Giveaway and How You Can Help Keep The Beach Open.
Posted By David/4/1/2020
The one thing we still have on Bolivar Peninsula is an open beach, here's how you can help keep it open
Practicing Social Distancing Beachfront, What You Can Do.
Posted By David/3/31/2020
With many choosing to use their family beach house in Crystal Beach, Texas for Social Distancing, listen in as Bolivar Live talks Do's and Don'ts and where you can get more information.
It's Bolivar LIVE and Class 101, Birding On Bolivar Plus A $50 Gift Card Giveaway!
Posted By David/3/31/2020
We've been doing these classes now for over a week, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and now for this week, those that listen in have a chance to WIN a $50 Gift Card for, The Big Store.
Monday Wind Down Beachfront, On Bolivar Peninsula In Crystal Beach, Texas.
Posted By David/3/30/2020
No matter where you're from, everyone loves the coastal life, sand between your toes and sounds of the surf!
Monday Morning Bolivar LIVE Class 101 and $50 Giveaway Gift Card Giveaway.
Posted By David/3/30/2020
It's our Monday Morning Class 101 for the kids and adults plus our first of 5 this week $50 Gift Card Giveaways for The Big Store in Crystal Beach, Texas.
Sunday Afternoon Drive Beachfront In Crystal Beach, Texas
Posted By David/3/29/2020
Let your body absorb some natural vitamin D from the Sun.
Sunday Morning Message From The Big Store In Crystal Beach, Texas.
Posted By David/3/29/2020
With all that is going on, The Big Store wanted to let everyone know what they are doing to keep their customers as safe as possible during these trying times.
Grass Fire On East End Of Galveston island Tonight.
Posted By David/3/28/2020
This is shot across the bay from Bolivar Peninsula.
Before Any Rain Hits, Enjoy The View From Fort Travis And Our $50 Gift Card Giveaway Monday!
Posted By David/3/28/2020
Take a ride and listen in with more news with a view from Fort Travis on Bolivar Peninsula, and our $50 Gift Card Giveaway starting Monday.
Breaking News, 5 Day $50 Big Store Gift Card Give-away Starts Monday In Crystal Beach, Texas!
Posted By David/3/28/2020
Giving Back to the Bolivar Peninsula Community from a Home Owner on Bolivar Peninsula.
Breaking News, What Is and What Isn't In Crystal Beach, Texas.
Posted By David/3/27/2020
Where you can find information and is the Beach Open on Bolivar Peninsula for you the public.
It's Bolivar LIVE, Class Is In Session, Treasure Hunting and Shark Tooth Shuffle Beachfront.
Posted By David/3/26/2020
With the kids out of school, parents teaching class, we want to help with History Classes and more! Listen-in to Bolivar LIVE Class 101 on Treasure Hunting the beachfront and the Shark Tooth Shuffle in Crystal Beach, Texas.
We're Having Dinner On The Beach, Curbside Pick-up And An Awesome View!
Posted By David/3/25/2020
All the restaurants are open and are only to offer To-Go Orders Only
Island Time Designs
Custom-built beach furniture with flair
Locally owned and built in Crystal Beach. Chairs, tables, double and single swings, outdoor bars, bar stools and more.
Sea Byrd Landing
Stay on the beach next trip
Sea Byrd RV Park is the only beach front RV Park on Bolivar Peninsula. Sea Byrd RV Park is located in the center of Crystal Beach with easy access to Hwy 87.
A cutting edge cargo lift
EasyLift is a cutting edge cargo lift for your home that offers the answer to all your problems.