Get ready For The Weekend In Crystal Beach, Texas And Plan A Road Trip!
Posted By David/2/27/2020
Fresh Seafood, Live Music and Sunny skies will be waiting for you Saturday or Sunday, why not make it an overnight stay!
A Bolivar Peninsula Painted Sky Sunrise On The Upper Texas Coast!
Posted By David/2/27/2020
Listen in and enjoy the view as we hit the beach and witness an awesome view before sunrise.
Hold On, Wind Hits Bolivar Peninsula But Weekend Is Looking Perfectly Sunny!
Posted By David/2/26/2020
With winds pushing 25 mph with higher gusts, don't worry, the weekends looking sunny and perfect for a two day get-away!
It's Sunny Skies In Paradise In Crystal Beach, Texas!
Posted By David/2/25/2020
Crystal Beach, Texas, 27 miles of Beachfront Paradise, Fresh Seafood and Live Music on the weekends.
It's Tuesday Morning Beachfront In Crystal Beach, Texas With Bolivar LIVE!
Posted By David/2/25/2020
Listen in as we talk Spring Break Vacation Rentals, Weather, Weekend and March Family Fun for Spring Break 2020!
A Look At The Weekend Past and Family Fun To Come, Plus Bolivar Live Sponsors 2020!
Posted By David/2/24/2020
We're looking back on the parade, March Family Fun Events and a Thank You to the 2020 Bolivar LIVE Sponsors to date.
It's A Sunday Morning Beachfront In Crystal Beach, Texas!
Posted By David/2/23/2020
Relax with a coffee in hand as we stroll the beachfront this wonderful Sunday Morning! Mardi Gras may be over but we have a lot of family fun weekends to go in Crystal Beach Texas!
Mardi Gras Parade In Crystal Beach, Texas On Bolivar Peninsula!
Posted By David/2/22/2020
The Mardi Gras Parade 2020 in Crystal Beach, Texas is here, sit back and enjoy the parade from Festival Park, home of the Texas Crab Festival every Mother's Day Weekend on Bolivar Peninsula!
Winding Up For The 2020 Mardi Grass Parade Today At 11:30am In Crystal Beach, Texas!
Posted By David/2/22/2020
With sunny skies and awesome weather, we're getting ready for our 2020 Mardi Gras Parade in Crystal Beach, Texas
Marsh Fire Starts Close To Ratilion Rd Burns All Night On Bolivar Peninsula!
Posted By David/2/22/2020
We might have had rain but the grass is still dry enough to burn. Late last night a marsh fire started before midnight and as of this morning is still burning but doesn't look like it will last long and isn't indanger to any home.
Sunny Skies In Paradise, We’re Kicking Off A Mardi Gras Weekend In Crystal Beach, Texas!
Posted By David/2/21/2020
Round up the family for a fun-filled day on Bolivar Peninsula.
It's Sunny Skies In Crystal Beach Texas and Mardi Gras 2020 Kicks Off Tonight!
Posted By David/2/21/2020
A glowing ball of Sunshine is rising in the sky to kick off a Mardi Gras 2020
Get Ready For Mardi Gras 2020 In Crystal Beach Texas, Sunny Skies Are Coming!
Posted By David/2/20/2020
Despite froggy skies and drizzle today, Sunny Skies and Perfect Weather For Mardi Gras Parade 2020 in Crystal Beach, Texas is set for Saturday!
It’s An Early Morning Pour At Crystal Beach Community Church On Bolivar Peninsula!
Posted By David/2/18/2020
With the slab pour starting at 3 am, by noon the foundation for this expansion will be completed and the frame and walls will start going up in the next week or two.
LIVE From Crystal Beach Texas and Bolivar Peninsula, It's Bolivar LIVE On The Road!
Posted By David/2/17/2020
Froggy Skies and Rain in the forecast but Mardi Gras Weekend is looking GrEaT!
Let's Talk Spring Events 2020 In Crystal Beach, Texas So You Can Make Plans Now!
Posted By David/2/16/2020
Good Morning everyone, Events in Crystal Beach, Texas on Bolivar Peninsula are a great way to enjoy our 27 miles of paradise with family and friends!
Saturday Morning Drive Beachfront With Bolivar LIVE In Crystal Beach, Texas!
Posted By David/2/15/2020
Grab your coffee and join David and Bolivar LIVE as we take our Saturday Morning Drive Beachfront in Crystal Beach, Texas!
Valentine's Day Weekend In Crystal Beach Texas!
Posted By David/2/14/2020
Listen in to David and Bolivar LIVE for a Valentine's Day look around Crystal Beach, Tx.
Breaking News, New Event Hits Crystal Beach, Tx Spring Break 2020!
Posted By David/2/13/2020
First Annual Bolivar Build A Dream Sandcastle Building Contest! An Animal, Castle, Car, Truck, Building but if it's the BEST WIN, 1st place- $500, 2nd Place- $250, 3rd Place- $100.
Sweet Dinners In Crystal Beach, Texas For Valentines Day!
Posted By David/2/13/2020
Friday is a special day for many, a day and evening where you show the ones you care for a special dinner or make it a weekend get-away
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