Bolivar Peninsula And Crystal Beach Texas,Through My Eyes.
Posted By David/11/16/2019
Many ask why Bolivar Peninsula and Crystal Beach Texas? I'm David with Bolivar Live, listen in on what I wrote when someone ask
A Look At Rollover Pass, The Work In Progress And Closing.
Posted By David/11/13/2019
History is being filled in, today we'll see the progress from our feed a few weeks ago. You can always view work in progress on our LIVE Rollover Pass Webcam at streaming 24 hours a day.
Cold Front Arrives With Gale Force Winds And Still Going Strong In Crystal Beach Texas!
Posted By David/11/12/2019
We knew it was coming to Crystal Beach Tx but are you ever ready for a drastic drop in temperatures and gale force winds on the Texas coast?
Welcome To This Weeks Monday Morning Outlook For Crystal Beach Texas
Posted By David/11/11/2019
Listen in to David and Bolivar LIVE as we enjoy a painted sky sunrise and a look at the week ahead.
Cold Front Is Headed Towards Bolivar Peninsula, Hold On Crystal Beach Texas!
Posted By David/11/11/2019
With the sky clouding up and a look at the radar, it's looking like we'll be seeing some rain and a wind change about dark 30 here in paradise.
Wahoo, It Was An Awesome Event Last Night In Crystal Beach Texas!
Posted By David/11/10/2019
Well it was an awesome evening last night for the Party At The Park with an estimated 250-300 plates being sold.
Wahoo, It's Sunny Skies In Paradise For Party At The Park In crystal Beach Texas I!
Posted By David/11/9/2019
The annual fundraiser for Peninsula Sports Park! $25 entry for a Texas BBQ Dinner. Auction and LIVE Music! round up your family and friends and join David and Bolivar LIVE at this awesome event people will talk about for years!!!
We're Winding Up For Party At The Park Tonight In Crystal Beach Tx!
Posted By David/11/9/2019
Things are heating up at The Pavillion @ Festival Park, pits smoke'n, Auction Items setting up along with band.
Friday Drive In With Bolivar LIVE To Crystal Beach Tx!
Posted By David/11/8/2019
If you have plans to enjoy some fresh shucked oysters or the Peninsula Sports Park Fundraiser weather will improve as we break into this afternoon and Saturday with a warming trend.
Bolivar LIVE The Taste Of, Talking All You Can Eat Oysters At LaPlayita Restaurant
Posted By David/11/7/2019
Listen in as Bolivar LIVE The Taste Of is at LaPlayita Restaurant showcasing their All You Can Eat Oysters
Cool Fall Mornings and Sunny Afternoons In Crystal Beach Texas.
Posted By David/11/7/2019
With a front ready to hit, cool mornings are in store, but you'll love the sunny afternoons and sunsets.
Bolivar LIVE The Taste Of At Jose's Cajun Seafood and Steaks, Talking Fresh Oysters!!
Posted By David/11/6/2019
It's time to check out another Hot Spot for Fresh Oysters in Crystal Beach Tx on Bolivar Peninsula! Today Bolivar LIVE The Taste Of is at Jose's Cajun Seafood and Steaks showcasing their Oyster Platter and when All You Can Eat Oysters is available.
Ready For Family Fun In Crystal Beach Tx, A BBQ Meal and LIVE Music This weekend?
Posted By David/11/6/2019
Get ready for the Annual Peninsula Sports Park BBQ, Auction and Live Music Fundraiser this Saturday Night, listen in as David shows the location and has information on how you and your family don't want to miss this once a year event in Crystal Beach Tx
It's Bolivar LIVE, The Taste Of Restaurant and Oyster Platter Review In Crystal Beach Tx.
Posted By David/11/5/2019
Welcome to Bolivar LIVE The Taste Of, where this week, today thru Thursday we are high lighting an area restaurant and the Oyster Platter they offer on Bolivar Peninsula and in Crystal Beach Tx.
See The Beauty Of Galveston Bay, Birds, Dolphins, Ships And More On A Free Ride!
Posted By David/11/5/2019
Fall is here and now's the time to Explore Bolivar Peninsula! Ride along with David and Bolivar LIVE as we showcase something fun to do with family, kids and adults.
Texas BBQ, Free Tickets and Live Music, Plus the Christmas Festival  is coming up in Crystal Beach!
Posted By David/11/4/2019
Listen in to Bolivar LIVE in Crystal Beach Tx as David talks about the Peninsula Sports Park Fundraiser this weekend and how you can WIN 2 FREE Tickets.
What's Going On At Rollover Pass, A Close Up Look.
Posted By David/11/4/2019
Equipment is moved in, Dirt is being hauled in from Crystal Beach Tx and now the process begins to stop the water flow.
LIVE From Crystal Beach Texas, David and Bolivar LIVE Show, All About Oysters
Posted By David/11/3/2019
Load up the family and make a road trip to the Bolivar Peninsula Beachfront for the day, enjoy some fresh seafood at an area restaurant in Crystal Beach Tx!
Oyster Lovers, This Weekends For You On Bolivar Peninsula!
Posted By David/11/2/2019
Get ready Oyster Lovers, last night many sampled Fresh Shucked Oysters cooked up to 10 different way but today it's an all out Oyster Eat Fest!
Get Ready For A Painted Sky Sunrise On The Upper Texas Coast, Bolivar Peninsula Beachfront.
Posted By David/11/1/2019
It's looking like a painted sky sunrise in Crystal Beach Tx this cool morning on the beachfront, listen to David and Bolivar LIVE with great news.
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