Fun Times In Crystal Beach Texas At The 1st Annual Bolivar Christmas Festival!
Posted By David/12/1/2019
We gave away about 15 items to shoppers throughout the day plus Bolivar was found!
Christmas Festival, Free Give-aways, Entertainment, Hunt For Bolivar All Start At 10am Today!
Posted By David/11/30/2019
Plus a look at the Bolivar Christmas Festival Today! Get ready, gates open at 10am today in Crystal Beach Texas
Bolivar LIVE In Crystal Beach Texas , Getting Ready For Bolivar Christmas Festival
Posted By David/11/29/2019
David and Bolivar LIVE talks, 40 Booths, Winning Cash, Free Give-aways, Entertainment, RV Show and Santa coming to town.
To Area Visitors and Christmas Festival Attendees and Vendors This Thanksgiving Weekend.
Posted By David/11/28/2019
We have some great information for all our Property Owners, Visitors and those coming to or have booths at the Bolivar Christmas Festival this weekend.
Bolivar Christmas Festival Time In Crystal Beach Texas Is Almost Here!
Posted By David/11/28/2019
Decorations are up, booths have started to move in, it's almost time for the 1st Annual Bolivar Christmas Festival this Saturday November 30 from 10am to 6pm in Crystal Beach Texas.
Winding Up For Thanksgiving Weekend and The Bolivar Christmas Festival In Crystal Beach Texas!
Posted By David/11/27/2019
Stores, Restaurants and the Bolivar Christmas Festival are ready for a full weekend of shopping, eating and family fun on Bolivar Peninsula.
Have Plans For Thanksgiving Weekend, There's Plenty Of Family Fun In Crystal Beach Texas.
Posted By David/11/26/2019
FREE Give-aways at the First Annual Bolivar Christmas Festival Saturday
To The Sponsors That Made The Bolivar Christmas Festival Possible Thank You.
Posted By David/11/26/2019
No event is possible with out sponsors, I want to showcase and say Thank You to the Sponsors for the 1st Annual Bolivar Christmas Festival 2019 in Crystal Beach Texas.
Bolivar Christmas Festival Decorations Display Which One Is Your Favorite.
Posted By David/11/25/2019
The Bolivar Christmas Festival Decorations are in place ready to be lite Saturday Night by Santa at 6pm.
Winding Up For Thanksgiving Weekend In Crystal Beach Texas On Bolivar Peninsula.
Posted By David/11/25/2019
Spend the day, make it a 4 day get-away there's still time to find your Vacation Rental for a trip to paradise and Thanksgiving Family Fun.
One Week Till Bolivar Christmas Festival, Winning $200 Cash and FREE Give-aways In Crystal Beach Tx!
Posted By David/11/23/2019
Bolivar is on his way, find him @ Bolivar Christmas Festival and WIN $200 Cash.
Winding Up For Thanksgiving Weekend and the Bolivar Christmas Festival In Crystal Beach Texas!
Posted By David/11/20/2019
Painted Sky Sunrise, Family & Friends and the 1st Annual Bolivar Christmas Festival all takes place Thanksgiving Weekend in Crystal Beach Texas on Bolivar Peninsula.
Fort Travis and Bolivar Lighthouse November Sunset
Posted By David/11/19/2019
For those that don't want to roll out of bed early, you're in luck, a painted sky sunset over East and Galveston Bay from Bolivar Peninsula is the perfect setting for a glass of wine with a loved one!
Sunny Mondays In Crystal Beach Texas, Ya Gotta Love'm!
Posted By David/11/18/2019
Just think Thanksgiving on Bolivar Peninsula with family and friends
It's Sunny Skies In Paradise, Let's Talk The Bolivar Christmas Festival In Crystal Beach Texas!
Posted By David/11/17/2019
Christmas Displays are starting to be built for the Bolivar Christmas Festival set for November 30 from 10am-6pm! With 40 Booths
Bolivar Peninsula And Crystal Beach Texas,Through My Eyes.
Posted By David/11/16/2019
Many ask why Bolivar Peninsula and Crystal Beach Texas? I'm David with Bolivar Live, listen in on what I wrote when someone ask
A Look At Rollover Pass, The Work In Progress And Closing.
Posted By David/11/13/2019
History is being filled in, today we'll see the progress from our feed a few weeks ago. You can always view work in progress on our LIVE Rollover Pass Webcam at streaming 24 hours a day.
Cold Front Arrives With Gale Force Winds And Still Going Strong In Crystal Beach Texas!
Posted By David/11/12/2019
We knew it was coming to Crystal Beach Tx but are you ever ready for a drastic drop in temperatures and gale force winds on the Texas coast?
Welcome To This Weeks Monday Morning Outlook For Crystal Beach Texas
Posted By David/11/11/2019
Listen in to David and Bolivar LIVE as we enjoy a painted sky sunrise and a look at the week ahead.
Cold Front Is Headed Towards Bolivar Peninsula, Hold On Crystal Beach Texas!
Posted By David/11/11/2019
With the sky clouding up and a look at the radar, it's looking like we'll be seeing some rain and a wind change about dark 30 here in paradise.
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