Cold Front Passage Now In Crystal Beach Tx With Short Lived Tropical Development Possible Today.
Posted By David/10/25/2019
With a cold front bearing down on the upper Texas coast and Crystal Beach Tx, we need to also watch the gulf as an upper level low could develop later today and be short lived before landfall.
It's Thursday And Bolivar LIVE With The Fish Bolivar Free Show.
Posted By David/10/24/2019
Our Wednesday weekly show, show casing Public Fishing Locations on Bolivar Peninsula and around Crystal Beach Tx.
Beachfront Cruise At Lunch With Bolivar LIVE in Crystal Beach Tx!
Posted By David/10/24/2019
With Sunny Skies In Paradise Let’s take a lunchtime cruise Beachfront and enjoy the view!
Painted Sky Sunrise Beachfront In Crystal Beach Texas On Bolivar Peninsula.
Posted By David/10/23/2019
Sit back, enjoy the view if you're not beachfront on Bolivar Peninsula
Crystal Beach Texas Weekly Restaurant Review, Bolivar LIVE The Taste Of!
Posted By David/10/23/2019
Each week, Bolivar LIVE The Taste Of visits an area restaurant, showcasing the restaurant, location and one of their platters. We'll show you why you need to dine at the restaurant and what to order.
Texas Sunrise On The Upper Texas Coast From Fort Travis On Bolivar Peninsula
Posted By David/10/22/2019
You can't beat a Sunrise from Bolivar Peninsula
Cajun Music, Cajun Food This Weekend At Cajun Chef's Cookoff In Crystal Beach Tx!
Posted By David/10/21/2019
Cajun Music, Cajun Food makes for an awesome time this Saturday in Crystal Beach Tx at Brad & Big Rich's Cajun Chef's Cookoff in Crystal Beach Texas! Grab your team, entry only $75.
Bolivar LIVE, Monday Morning With Sandra Dial Show In Crystal Beach Tx.
Posted By David/10/21/2019
Welcome to the Monday Morning With Sandra Dial Show where we talk all things Real Estate on Bolivar Peninsula and in Crystal Beach Texas.
Bolivar LIVE On The Road, Emergancy Trip To Winnie Vet Clinic.
Posted By David/10/19/2019
Last night as we where getting ready for the BIG Game, Gabby walked in from the patio and got her toe nail hung, yes almost ripping it off.
Fall Mornings At Fort Travis Over Galveston Bay, Ya Gotta Love The View!
Posted By David/10/18/2019
We're on the seawall of Fort Travis with Galveston Bay as a backdrop, coffee taste even better with the cooler mornings.
Lets Talk, Rollover Pass, Morning Weather And The Tropics From Crystal Beach Tx.
Posted By David/10/17/2019
With Fall like conditions this morning, work at Rollover Pass starts, another front will pass thru on Monday
A Great Day Beachfront In Crystal Beach Tx On Bolivar Peninsula.
Posted By David/10/17/2019
It has been a while since we cruised the beachfront. With cooler temperatures, overcast skies and less traffic, nows the time to go Shark Tooth Hunting, Beach Glass Combing or Shell Searching.
Cool Front Approaching Bolivar Peninsula, Rain Predicted Thru Mid Morning.
Posted By David/10/16/2019
Cool morning temperatures and warmer afternoons makes coffee tase great in the morning and a walk on the beach in the afternoon.
Get Ready For Awesome BBQ, Great LIVE Music, Family Fun And Auction In Crystal Beach Tx!
Posted By David/10/15/2019
Ready for a Saturday Night of Family Fun, Awesome Texas BBQ, Fabulous Live Music and Auction?
Time To Visit The Pumpkin Patch At Latitude 29 Surf Shop IN Crystal Beach Tx!
Posted By David/10/15/2019
Come with the family and take a photo or make your own selfie in front of out Surfers Pumpkin Patch at Latitude 29 Surf Shop in Crystal Beach Tx!
 Welcome To The Monday Morning With Sandra Dial Show, From Crystal Beach Tx..
Posted By David/10/14/2019
Listen in as we bring you a new home for sale in Holiday Beach this morning, in Crystal Beach Tx.
When You Climb To Your Office At 400' IN Crystal Beach Tx.
Posted By David/10/14/2019
With weather clearing for now, repairs are starting 400' above ground so we can all Surf The Web, Watch TV and Conduct Business on our 27 miles of paradise
Just An Awesome Sunday Fall Morning On Bolivar Peninsula From Fort Travis.
Posted By David/10/13/2019
Hey everyone I'm David with Bolivar LIVE! Listen-in as we talk about our NEW Fall Show Line-up. Food, Fishing and Beach House Sales and Rentals for Crystal Beach Tx and Bolivar Peninsula.
Hunters Full Moon, Full Of Color Tonight In Crystal Beach Tx On Bolivar Peninsula.
Posted By David/10/13/2019
That's right, tonights moon is full and called the Hunter's Moon and it's Big and Bright in Crystal Beach Texas on Bolivar Peninsula.
T's Saltwater Slam Fishing Tournament And Fun Fest Today In Crystal Beach Tx!
Posted By David/10/12/2019
Despite the winds and temperatures , CT's Saltwater Slam Fishing Tournament in Crystal Beach Tx kicked off at 6am this morning with 22 Team boats leaving out, with the hopes of winning some of the BIG prize money, $2000-1st, $1000-2nd or $500-3rd place.
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