7 25 19 AM Hwy 124 Road Closure UpDate, IS It Opened or Closed Officially
Posted By David/9/25/2019
Hwy 124 has been closed since Saturday due to Tropical Storm Imelda. Barricades are still up but, we're seeing all kinds of vehicles coming and going as we head to FM 1985 where the deepest area is.
7am Update, Despite TxDot Barricades Many Brave Flood Water On Hwy 124 In Chambers County.
Posted By David/9/24/2019
With barricades from TxDot still in place and Hwy 124 marked as closed, many in trucks are making sure they don't miss another day of work, appointments and deliveries to and from Bolivar Peninsula.
5pm Update, Hwy 124 Still Closed With Flooding, Still Not Safe For Many To Pass Thru.
Posted By David/9/24/2019
Despite no rain, and now sunny skies, flood waters still are holding on Hwy 124 in Chambers County not far from the galveston County Line. Hopes are barricades will be brought down before the weekend and it looks like it will hope fully.
Hwy 124 Closure In Chambers County Hampers Thru Traffic To Bolivar Peninsula Since Imelda.
Posted By David/9/23/2019
With flooding rain from Imelda, Hwy 124 was closed Saturday do to rising water making it impassable for even the biggest vehicle. Now two days later the flooding water has dropped to 24" but with a stiff cross current still is closed and impassable for cars, light trucks and many other vehicles. Watch as David and Bolivar LIVE gives you front row coverage at the start of this flooding event.
NEW Event Comes To Bolivar Peninsula Saturday Of Thanksgiving Weekend, Bolivar Christmas Festival!
Posted By David/8/24/2019
It's coming to Bolivar Peninsula in Crystal Beach Texas at the NEW, Pavilion At Festival Park! The Bolivar Christmas Festival, Saturday of Thanksgiving Weekend. This new annual event will be fun for the whole family with Crafts and Art Booths, Performers of all kinds and as the sun sets, The Official Christmas Tree Lighting for Bolivar Peninsula and Crystal Beach Texas!
Bolivar Tourism Goes Global With Bolivar LIVE Broadcasts World Wide.
Posted By David/7/9/2019
What started out as a white truck with a cell phone on Facebook driving the beach in Crystal Beach Texas. Has grown to Live Feeds from around Crystal Beach and on Bolivar Peninsula promoting Tourism and the Businesses that call Bolivar home daily. With growth Bolivar LIVE is now broadcasted thru 5 Social Media sites, to include, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, Periscope and Twitch!
Crystal Beach Texas Blessed With A Painted Sky Sunrise Today.
Posted By David/1/5/2019
Bolivar Peninsula and Crystal Beach Texas are known 27 miles of coastal beachfront you can drive on and the family owned restaurants, shops and stores. But what really brings out the wow fact, are our Painted Sky Sunrises over the Gulf and Sunsets over East Galveston Bay!
Enjoy 4 Days In Paradise Over Thanksgiving Weekend!
Posted By David/11/18/2018
Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holidays all 4 days on our 27 miles of paradise Bolivar Peninsula. Crystal Beach is home to pure relaxation and with a clean wide open beach, great weather and fresh seafood at area restaurants why not get away and Explore Bolivar Peninsula. Don't worry about Thanksgiving Dinner, if you choose not to cook, several area venues have FREE Thanksgiving Dinner.
Take A FREE Trip Across The Bay and Houston Ship Channel
Posted By David/4/22/2018
You can walk on or drive on, it's a round trip to Galveston and back, each way takes about 15 minutes underway and 15 minutes for loading. In around an hour you can see the world from a free ride on the Bolivar Ferry. Dolphins, Shrimp Boats, Tankers, Seawolf Park and more and the beauty is breath taking.
Galveston and Crystal Beach Texas Weekly Bay and Offshore Fishing Report
Posted By David/2/21/2018
With a different spring start you may need to adjust where and when you fish the bay and if you want to venture offshore. Warming trend should improve Trout Bite if you can play the fog and fish midday. Jetties will be a Hot Spot during Spring Break 2018.
New For 2018, Weekly Galveston Bay and Jetty/Offshore Fishing Reports!
Posted By David/2/14/2018
If you love to fish from the Galveston Bay system to the Jetties or Offshore, we're bringing you a weekly fishing report you can count on. Now NEW for 2018 the Galveston Bay and Galveston Jetty and Offshore fishing report can be found here weekly. See what's bitting where and how they're getting them to the boat each week.
Shoot The Moon Full Moon Photography Party On The Bolivar Beachfront.
Posted By David/1/28/2018
It's all taking place at dark.....the second Full Moon of January 2018 and this one's special. Not only is it the second full moon of 2018 which makes it a Blue Moon, but it's also an Eclipse of the moon making it a Red Moon. With a blessing of clear skies this is an opportunity for you to get that perfect Full Moon Photo as the moon appears over the Bolivar Beachfront.
Thanksgiving Mega Give-away in Crystal Beach Texas.
Posted By David/10/31/2017
Thanksgiving Weekend on Bolivar Peninsula is perfect for the Bolivar LIVE Mega Give-away at Bolivar Tourism and Visitors Center in Crystal Beach Texas. With a slight postponement due to Harvey what better time to bring it back than Thanksgiving Weekend! Same great give aways, same great time but instead of the beach, we're holding it at the NEW Bolivar Tourism and Visitors Center.
Winter On The Upper Texas Coast, Bolivar Peninsula.
Posted By David/9/25/2017
With 27 miles of Texas coastal beachfront you can walk and drive on, an area known for it's beauty, plan to stay on Bolivar Peninsula on the upper Texas coast. With an abundance of home rentals, easy to reach rv parks and the close proximity to Galveston, Kemah, Houston and Beaumont, you couldn't find a better place to call home for the winter.
Bolivar Peninsula Tourism and Visitors Center Opens In September 2017.
Posted By David/8/19/2017
Fall of 2017 on Bolivar Peninsula has some big changes coming with the opening of the NEW Bolivar Peninsula Tourism and Visitors Center. The new location will be in Crystal Beach Plaza, in the heart of Bolivar Peninsula.
Summer 2017 Has Begun, When's Your Vacation On Bolivar Peninsula Start?
Posted By David/6/1/2017
Summer comes and goes, quicker than we like most the time. Have you made plans for a trip to Bolivar yet? Can't stay long, make it a weekend or even a day trip and Explore Bolivar Peninsula...you'll love it!
Bolivar LIVE Truck Gives Away FREE Product From Local Businesses In 2017
Posted By David/5/8/2017
Watch around Crystal Beach and all over Bolivar Peninsula for the Bolivar LIVE truck. When you see it as What's Free Today!!! We'll be going away koozies, shirts, frisbees, cups, mugs, gift certificates and more year round.
Easter Sunrise Service On The Beachfront
Posted By David/4/11/2017
You can't beat the sunrise and Easter Morning Sunrise Service on Bolivar Peninsula. A yearly event when the whole community and visitors come together fro this awesome service!
New Logo To Build Tourism and Economic Growth For Bolivar Peninsula.
Posted By David/4/3/2017
A logo, a familiar icon to build on and spread the word about our 27 mile stretch of paradise. A relate to logo with cool colors and sweeping lines like the surf its self. A lighthouse built into the logo for association and recognition of the history Bolivar Holds.
True LIVE Webcam Coverage In Crystal Beach Texas on Bolivar Peninsula!
Posted By David/3/26/2017
The only True LIVE Webcams in HD on Bolivar Peninsula that you can go to anytime, 24 hours a day and see the beach, bay, Rollover Pass and area attractions and events LIVE!!!
Stingaree Restaurant
Dinner with a beautiful view
Fresh seafood, steaks, Muggaritas and more, with a view over East Galveston Bay for lunch and dinner. Live music on weekends, family friendly and no cover.
Sea Byrd Landing
Stay on the beach next trip
Sea Byrd RV Park is the only beach front RV Park on Bolivar Peninsula. Sea Byrd RV Park is located in the center of Crystal Beach with easy access to Hwy 87.
A cutting edge cargo lift
EasyLift is a cutting edge cargo lift for your home that offers the answer to all your problems.